Clever Italy

With the help of Clever, resolve all of your distributed power needs in server, datacenter, and business premises.
The wide range of products available has been developed and manufactured to ensure continuity of service in critical environments such as datacenter, server rooms, industrial automation, and production areas.
The most advanced products allow constant control over consumption and give the service administrator the opportunity to intervene directly to correct any critical situations.

Clever Italy is the strategic partner of the ITALAN group, and ITALAN is the unique distributor of Clever products.

Shenzhen Clever Electronic Ltd. is today the most important PDU manufacturer in China. After providing OEMs for OEMs worldwide for years, Clever’s commercial strategy has been geared towards establishing its brand. ITALAN is the first official distributor in Europe of Clever products through Clever Italy.
With a constantly updated stock, Clever Italy is able to provide Clever PDUs at times lower than the standard delivery times from China. Clever has developed, metered, switched, metered-switched PDUs with fixed and / or hot-swappable smart modules that enable monitoring and control of electrical and environmental parameters, basic PDUs with the most used output types ( C13, C19, Schuko, Schuko universal, etc.), electrical / environmental monitoring systems.

ITALAN’s proposal includes the following product families:
Rack rack and accessories: wall cabinets, structured cabling racks, server cabinets and their accessories, complete infrastructure for DataCenter (compartmented islands) with in-row conditioning systems, anti-theft cabinets, soundproof cabinets, video surveillance cabinets and audio / Video, IP55 cabinets for indoor and outdoor use

Fiber Optic Components: fiber optic distribution box, fiber optic panels and “Optica Fiber Duct” channel for optical fibers management and distribution.


Leader in the research and development of new advanced monitoring solutionse

Software design

Integrated PDU management with specific software and sensors

Quality check

Our products are subjected to countless tests to reach high quality standards

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Our products match perfectly to all your Advanced Monitoring needs

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