Centralized Software Management

Technical Features

CLEVER Manager is the advanced data tracking and system software monitoring system developed by CLEVER. This system protects the data center environment and improves energy efficiency. It is easy to use and extend with reliable and well-calibrated functions. This software allows you to quickly and analytically understand the operating state and the data center environment.
CLEVER Manager is a well-designed integrated solution that is widely applied to data center firefighting, refrigeration, security and fire protection systems.

Centralized Software Management

Main functions of CLEVER Manager

1. Energy distribution monitoring
CLEVER Manager can quickly monitor the state of the distribution and power system environment in the data center, such as power distribution, UPS parameters, UPS operation, and so on, ensuring data devices are uninterrupted, secure, and stable .

2. Monitoring the cabinet micro environment.
CLEVER Manager is able to quickly monitor not only the electronic input voltage, load current and power consumption parameters, but also the temperature, humidity, door, smoke and water recording status ‘wardrobe.

3. Monitoring the air conditioning system.
CLEVER Manager is able to quickly monitor the operation status, temperature, humidity, and air conditioning switching precision in the data center.

4. Security system monitoring.
CLEVER Manager can control security and video surveillance in a timely manner.

5. Monitoring the fire protection system
CLEVER Manager can control fire protection, equipment, alarm and alarm alarms in a timely fashion.

6. Stats and energy consumption analysis
CLEVER Manager is able to quickly collect power, voltage, power and power data data from intelligent data devices and PDUs (NPM, EMS, SI-PDU, PDU measured, switched PDU, MS -PDU) Manager for PUE Analysis.

7. Link and Extension
CLEVER Manager can quickly track over 1000 power distribution and environmental protection devices across the network, cascade connection, and serial communication.

8. Customization and Service
CLEVER Manager can provide a custom technology service, based on the detailed requirements of the data center manager.

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